Thomas Kokoraleis, believed responsible for 20 cult-like sex slayings, up for parole.

Serial killers in America have been around since the 19th century. In 1897, a man by the name of Dr. Henry Howard Holmes confessed to 27 murders, targeting naïve and gullible women, though only nine of those murders were confirmed. Several of the women that the man better known as H.H. Holmes claimed to have killed were found to still be alive after his confession. Born in New Hampshire, the Chicago killer is believed to have been responsible for as many as 200 murders, but questions still arise regarding the exact total, which will most likely never be accurately accounted for.

Recent speculation suggests that Holmes was Jack The Ripper, based on the airing of a recent television show called “American Ripper” on the History channel.

This has resulted in controversy since Jack the Ripper was supposed to be based out of the U.K, whereas Holmes is considered America’s first serial killer. Some believe it is a possibility, while others remain on the fence.

Holmes great, great grandson, Jeff Mudget, believes that he has found substantial evidence at the serial killer’s gravesite. Although murders are unfortunately common throughout the world daily, Mudget finds himself drawn to this case akin to Holmes.

The ‘Ripper Crew’

84 years later, still in Chicago, another serial killer formed a satanic “cult-like” organization comprised of other like-minded men praying on inexperienced young women. Ringleader Robin Gecht, who ironically had once worked beneath famed serial killer John Wayne Gacy, was the forefront of a group of three other men who would eventually be known as a unified group of serial killers…

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